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in syria, state-run media saying the government released 750 prisoners detained in the regime in the last nine months, this as international observers toured the city that has become a sight of the protest. leland havleland vittert is there live. >> reporter: there are a lot of residents who were very upset in holmes because the syrian government has sent mind tkers along with the observers. they didn't want the minders. the latest video shows massive processes with tense of 10,000s of people on the streets right no as they are finally feeling safe enough to protest again. they feel like the observers that are on the ground are going to prevent the open artillery shelling that we saw in the city of holmes when it was under siege for many, many weeks. president bashar al-assad is very strong in damascus but not in holmes. he's going to try to use as much political power as he can to put the protests down and military power. today four more people were killed, gregg. gregg: can the observers do any good? >> reporter: it's an excellent question. they are unarmed and have no power to stop the
in syria. government forces unleashing horrific attacks reportedly killing dozens of people. we'll have the latest on the new wave of bloodshed. [gunfire] [shouting] it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside. patti ann: pounding the pavement in iowa ahead of next week's crucial caucuses. four candidates at the top of the pack are all out in force looking for more support in what's become a pivotal pit stop on the road to the oval office. one of those front runners is seeing a slide in the wrong direction. it's a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." gregg: newt gingrich seeing a slip in his poll numbers, but he says it's all based on misinformation. patti ann: the former speaker of the house speaking to fox earlier this morning. >> well, i think anybody who has eight or nine million dollars of negative advertising, much of it false, is going to slide for a while. we now have our ads up starting yesterday, their very positive, they're very direct, they talk abo
. gregg: we like to be positive. protesters heeding the call of syria's opposition. thousands of them marching in the streets following friday prayers one day after syrian security forces fired into tens of thousands of protesters outside a mosque. not with standing the presence of arab league monitors. leland vittert from jerusalem. what is the latest there? >> reporter: gregg, right now we're hearing at least two dozen of those protesters who you saw in the video from today have died in attacks by the syrian military on its own people and the violence, at least what we've been able to see from the videos is getting worse, not better since the government promised to end its crackdown on all of these people. and also to allow in arab league monitors to see what is actually happening on the ground. the crackdowns have been incredibly brutal, however, the kind of rallies that happened today in this video from today hadn't been possible over the past couple weeks since the syrian government were using tanks. at least they have stopped on that. also protesters are learning from what happe
this morning. the white house says that it is deeply disturbed by the latest reports of violence in syria. human rights groups say president bashar assad's troops surrounded and killed more than is00 protesters literally mowing them down. the witnesses describe this as organized massacre that went on for hours. leland vitter joins us live from jerusalem with more. >> reporter: martha, this may be a case of syrian government trying to kill as many people as they can before the arab league monitors arrive in the next few days. as of late they have killed at least 200 people and are getting a lot of help doing it. we have learned from western intelligence sources that iran is sending weapons, men and ammunition into syria. that in and of itself isn't that surprising but we can now confirm they are using international airlines, meaning commercial airlines, in order to be able to bypass sanctions that they send these weapons in to keep president assad in power. syria's powerful air force and army are among the most well-equipped in middle east with russian fighter jets, attack helicopters and
is going on in syria. we still do not have a firm grip over the hundreds who have been shot and killed based on protests inside syria in places like damascus and through that area. this alone would be enough to tell you the region is underway for enormous change. then you add into the mix, what is happening with iran most likely on the doorstep of a nuclear program. also what is happening down here in yemen. this would be enough for one day. then you throw in iran and yemen and you see ultimately the issues and the concerns of israel that sits in this neighborhood now. the muslim spring or the arab spring we should say that started almost ten months ago is now moving into the arab winter. we wait to see how this turns out, martha. martha: bill, thank you so much, bill hemmer looking at that entire region. those are a few of the stories bill and i are watching for you this morning in "america's newsroom.". coming up a major scare at centre court after a routine performance for a cheerleader went horribly wrong. we'll tell you what happened there. bill: that was scary, right? more than h
of people wound ned new heavy fighting in western syria. they say syria is in a state of civil war with more than 4,000 people killed on the streets of syria since march. the u.k. spy agency is looking for the next generation james bond. who is it? it is behind a social media campaign to recruit cyber specialists bill. bill: flying to track dow trying to track down all the guys who are hacking their computers. you may have heard undercover boss. what about undercover congressman. michael grim is a republican out of new york. he's with me now. good morning to you. why did you play that role? >> you know, there is no better way to meet constituents and to have a relaxed setting where they can be open and honest and not feel they have to watch their words than going out and working with them. that's exactly i did. it was fantastic. bill: what have you learned through this experience in we have some pictures in a minute we'll share them with our audience. >> one thing i already knew, is how hard the people in staten island are working. across the board people are worried, some people are scared.
the violence and offering condolences to the nigerian people. gregg: to syria, there are new reports of bloodshed in the nine-month-old uprising there. syrian forces reportedly pushing forward with a violent crackdown against opponents of president bashar al-assad. a pair of suicide bombings in the capitol city of damascus only adding to the growing fears. this as arab league observers arrive in syria to get a firsthand look at situation. leland vittert is live with more. what is the latest? >> reporter: it seems like, gregg that the syrian government may be trying to kill as many people as they can ahead of observers coming into town. we are talking about a matter of hours until they are indeed on the ground in damascus and get a chance to get a first-hand view of what is going on. from home comes a story of an artillery barrage which has leveled one neighborhood and killed about 20 people. that is the center of the uprising there against president sad r-frplt i bashar al-assad. it appears the military will stop at nothing including shelling into civilian areas to keep president bas
, the on going story out of syria. we have amateur video that apparently shows a government tank firing into a residential neighborhood in the town of holmes. [gunfire] bill: woe, it is very difficult to get access inside that country. and this town itself has been a flash point for violence throughout these up risings. meanwhile we are getting reports that anti-government fighters have blown up a major syrian pipeline as protestors continue to take to the streets of the country. the u.n. estimates more than 4,000 have been killed during the government crackdown which has lasted for months with no signs of ending. martha: mitt romney taking the gloves off in the race for 2012. romney supporters targeting newt gingrich during a conference call yesterday, which was clearly part of the new strategy coming out of the romney camp, because newt has continued to surge, really in these polls. first you'll hear former missouri senator jim talent on this conference call yesterday. the next voice you will here is the former new hampshire governor john sen u.n. u. >> the speaker returning as a reli
christmas tree appearing at the top of camelback mountain near phoenix. julie: car bombings rocking syria's capitol. more than 30 people killed, more than 100 people hurt. leland vittert from jerusalem joins us live. leland, do we know really who was responsible for these attacks? >> reporter: hi, julie. we know who the syrian government has blapd and that is quote, al qaeda but in this kind of situation you really have to look beyond what the syrian government propaganda machine is putting out here. there are three possibilities and keep in mind as we go through these for eight months now the syrian government has been massacring its own people and blaming violence on quote terrorists. just the day the arab league observation team shows up there inside damascus to work to end the violence there are two car bombs. it is a coincidence we might say if you spend a lot of time in the middle east and tracking these things, you tend not to believe in coincidences that much, julie? julie: what does it mean for the revolution there? >> reporter: well you've got about three possibilities here. num
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)